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This section features general videos about long term food survival strategies and tactics.


Learn strategies for preparing survival food in your own kitchen.

FOOD PREPARATION without electricity

How to prepare food in the worst case scenario where you are without power or electricity in your home.

Survival Food Storage strategies

Learn strategies and ideas for storing food in and around your home for long term survival.

Bugging Out or Staying Put

Learn whether to stay put or bug out during a disaster or crisis in your area.

food survival hydroponics

Learn how to build a sustainable hydroponics farm in a survival situation.

food survival gardening

Learn how to plant and grow all of the best seeds, plants, and crops to grow in your survival garden.

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outdoor survival snares and traps

Prepare yourself for an outdoor survival situation with these videos about building your own snares and traps.

outdoor survival hunting

Learn about the best weapons and hunting skills you will need to survive the outdoors when disaster strikes.

water filtration and purification

Everything you need to know about filtering and purifying water for clean hydration. Including DIY methods.

heat exhaustion treatment

The outdoor heat can be extremely dangerous. Learn how to prevent and treat heat exhaustion in survival situations.

first aid survival

From sprained wrists to bleeding wounds, learn how to provide first aid treatment to yourself and your loved ones.

heimlich maneuver

How to dislodge foreign objects from breathing passages using the Heimlich Maneuver.

Medications for survival

Antibiotics, over-the-counter drugs, and all the medical supplies you will need for survival are explained in this video series.

treatment for insect bites

Untreated bites and stings from bugs and insects can be deadly. Learn how to treat them in a survival setting.

building fires for survival

Fire is one of the most essential necessities for surviving the outdoors. Learn how to make self-feeding fires from your surroundings.

outdoor camouflouge

Disguise yourself from predators and enemies in the outdoors.

improvised shelter

Protect yourself from the elements by learning these methods of creating improvised shelters.

morse code and signaling

Learn the alphabet in morse code to effectively communicate in a survival situation.

knot tying 

How to tie all the knots you may need in various survival situations.

earthquake survival

Learn the basics of surviving when an earthquake strikes.

flood survival strategies

What to do when a flood strikes, including during a flood evacuation scenario.

hurricane and typhoon survival

How to prepare yourself and act quickly when hurricanes and typhoons strike.

tornado preparedness

Here is what to do when preparing for tornado situations.

tsunami preparedness

Here is what to do when preparing for tsunami situations.

wildfire survival

Learn what to do when caught in a wildfire, as well as how to prepare your homestead for wildfire situations.

bug out bag

Failure to prepare is preparing to fail. Make sure your bug out bag has all the necessities for surviving the outdoors.

bug out locations

How to find the best spot to set yourself up for long-term survival.

bug out vehicles

Learn the best vehicles for survival situations, as well as how to prepare them.